Accreditation Resource Services Newsletter
June 2020
Title: CMS Expectations for Contract Services
Date: Thursday, June 25, 2020
Time: 2PM ET, 1PM CT, 2N MT, 11AM PT
Length: 1-1.5 hours
Webinar Description:
This is a true story. A hospital underwent an extension survey. The surveyor happened upon a patient receiving dialysis provided by a contract service. The disinfection records for the dialysis machines were in dismal shape. The hospital sustained an immediate jeopardy, and CMS moved to decertify the facility. The hospital CEO was stunned. “Why are we being cited, he asked, it’s not even our service!”
CMS holds the hospital and its governing body squarely responsible for the provision of services provided through a contractual arrangement. Join us for this informative webinar and we systematically review the regulations, identify compliance challenges, and discuss proven strategies for success.
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Future Webinar Date: July 30, 2020 – CMS Expectations for Protocols & Standing Orders