Accreditation Resource Services Newsletter
November 2020

ARS Regulatory Alerts

CIHQ-ARS notifies member organizations of any new or modified accreditation standard, or CMS COP for acute care hospitals. Each alert summarizes the standard / regulation, likely impact to members, and recommends compliance strategies. Whenever possible, alerts are limited to one-page in length so that they can be quickly read and disseminated.

New Regulatory Alert

Alert Date
October, 6 2020
Alert Subject
CMS-3401-IFC - Reporting of COVID-19 Data Elements
Alert Applicability
Acute Care Ambulatory Care Behavioral Health
Critical Access Home Health / Hospice Laboratory
Long Term Care Other: __________  
Alert Background
In a letter issued to State enforcement agencies (SA) today, CMS released new regulatory requirements for all hospitals and critical access hospitals hospital (CAHs) at §42 CFR 482.42(e) and 485.640(d), respectively to report information in accordance with a frequency and in a standardized format as specified by the Secretary during the PHE for COVID-19. This updated guidance is effective immediately.
Detailed information on this guidance - including submission instructions, data definitions, and frequently asked questions – is appended to this alert.
Discussion & Recommendations
To view the discussion & recommendations ARS Organization Members can download this alert in its entirety when logged-in/connected to the ARS Members section. All alerts are archived in the member’s only section of our web site for future access and reference.
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