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CIHQ's Accreditation Resource Services (ARS) is dedicated to helping organizations be successful in the challenging and ever changing regulatory environment.
ARS provides member organizations with a comprehensive program of regulatory support services that is not only value-added, but literally pays for itself - and then some!
Members report:
  • Stronger compliance postures
  • Better survey results
  • Direct cost savings and thousands of dollars in reduced staff time and effort
  • Fewer issues with regulatory agencies, and
  • Most importantly, an improvement in safe, quality patient care
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It's No Secret...
  • The accreditation / certification process gets harder and harder each year
  • The scope and complexity of the regulatory environment taxes even the strongest of organizations
  • At the same time resources shrink and we’re asked to do more with less
ARS has become the consulting organization of choice for hundreds of hospitals and other healthcare entities across the United States. Whether you are certified directly by CMS or deemed by an accrediting organization, ARS can provide the support services you need in a cost effective and value-added way.
Our annual member satisfaction survey consistently shows excellent results for the quality of services provided and our responsiveness to member needs.
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Join the over 400 hospitals throughout the United States that have found ARS membership to be an indispensable ally in their accreditation and regulatory compliance efforts.
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