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COVID-19 Toolkit

You need more than just information... you need active support!

None of us has time for slick marketing or selling games… so let’s cut right to the chase. CIHQ is making available a comprehensive toolkit to assist your hospital in managing the COVID-19 pandemic.
For a one-time fee of $295, your hospital will receive password controlled access to a special area of our website normally reserved only for our members. There you will find an ongoing and continually updated toolkit containing regulatory alerts, policies, forms, staff training aides, audit tools, and more. Each tool is referenced to the latest CDC and CMS guidelines. Currently, the toolkit contains the following (with more added daily):
  • Identification, Placement, & Notification of Patients with COVID-19
  • Movement and Transport of a COVID-19 Patient within the Facility
  • Performing Aerosol Generating Procedures on COVID-19 Patients
  • Receiving a Potential COVID-19 Patient by Ambulance
  • Use of Non-Critical Medical Equipment on COVID-19 Patients
  • Visitation & COVID-19
  • Management of Healthcare Personnel with COVID-19 Exposure
  • Utilizing CMS Section 1135 Waivers during the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • COVID-19 and EMTALA Requirements
Documentation Tools & Forms
  • Screening for COVID-19 In Exposed Healthcare Workers
  • Active Monitoring of Potentially Exposed Healthcare Workers
  • Triage Tool to Screen Patients for Acute Respiratory Symptoms
  • COVID-19 Patient Education Handout
  • Environmental & Room Conditioning Assessment
  • Hand Hygiene Compliance Audit
  • PPE Compliance Assessment
  • Competency Checklist for PPE Use
  • Section 1135 Waiver Request for Utilities & Life Safety Maintenance & Testing
  • CDC PPE Burn Rate Calculator
Reference Resources
  • CDC Comprehensive Hospital Preparedness Checklist
  • Emergency Declaration Fact Sheet
  • Federal and State 1135 Waivers
  • CDC Information for Healthcare Professionals
  • FDA Guidance on Reuse of Surgical Masks & Gowns
  • CMS Recommendations for Non-Emergency Elective Procedures
  • CDC Criteria for Laboratory Testing - COVID-19
  • CDC Guidelines for Use of Personal Protective Equipment
  • CMS Recommendations for Re-opening Facilities to Provide Non-emergent Non-COVID-19 Healthcare
Staff Training Modules (PPT & Post-Test)
  • Patient Triage & Screening
  • Laboratory Testing Specimen Collection
  • Signs and Symptoms of Infection
  • Use of PPE
  • Cleaning & Disinfection of Equipment
  • Universal & Isolation Precautions
Pre-Recorded Webinars
  • COVID-19 and the Regulatory Impact on Hospitals
  • CMS 1135 Waivers for Hospitals
  • FSEC as a Temporary Hospital - CMS Expectations during the COVID-19
  • CMS & COVID-19 - Additional Regulatory Waivers for Hospitals
Regulatory Alerts
  • Reporting Exceptions for Quality-Based Programs
  • Guidance on Use of Industrial Respirators
  • EMTALA Enforcement Guidance
  • Suspension of Survey Activities
  • CMS Issues Guidance on Medicare Participation by Freestanding ED’ during COVID-19 Public Health Emergency
  • CMS Issues Recommendations to Re-Open Health Care Systems in Areas with Low Incidence of COVID-19
  • CMS Issues Guidance on Medicare Participation by Freestanding ED’ during COVID-19 Public Health Emergency
  • CMS Issues Guidance on COVID-19 Testing & CLIA Requirements
  • CMS Issues Additional Regulatory Waivers to Hospitals for COVID-19
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