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What Our Members Say!

"Being a CIHQ member gives immediate access to knowledge for leaders in the field keeping our patients & hospitals safer. Feedback to questions is immediate. It has been advantageous on multiple occasions when internal "opinions" vary. Having an outside independent expert is highly beneficial. Rapid, timely updates, accreditation alerts and newsletters are very beneficial for ongoing education to stay current in a timely way. Resources such as policy banks, professionally created, easy to use & "spot on". The mock surveyors/PPR position us to have successful reviews & most importantly position us for ongoing regulatory readiness through which or patients are safer. We all prefer to have our partner (CIHQ) point out opportunities prior to CMS pointing them out. I prefer CIHQ for PPRs because I can rely on them to be "tough" & in the weeds much more so than internal views/inspections/mock surveys – which is absolutely required for success.

You are an amazing organization with an amazing group of individuals. We/I are fortunate to work with you. You combine "humor/fun" real life examples making a very dry topic fun!"
Page West, SVP-Chief Nursing Executive
Dignity Health

"On a concurrent basis participation in CIHQ monthly conference calls allows our organization to remain compliant at new & existing regulations. Using CIHQ to perform the mock surveys has provided the directors & managers the ability to obtain direct explanation for their process concerns. In addition, the hospital receives a "critical eye" view on compliance."
Paulette Fletcher, Manager Regulatory Compliance
St. Jude Medical Center

"I often go to the Resource Library to look up CMS Regs, state of CA Regs and other important regulatory or professional standards. This is such a great time saver to go one place and then access those links!"
Rebecca Israel, RN, Dir, Risk Management, Patient Safety and Regulatory Compliance
Hoag Orthopedic Institute

"I have found the web based support invaluable. I have used the resources to educate mangers on quality topics at meetings – I actually teach them live how to use the site. I have used the info to educate our board on their responsibilities. We use the policies as a reference when reviewing and revising our own. I personally have learned a wealth of information about writing corrective action plans and interacting with surveyors. CIHQ is my go to resource!"
Rhonda Anderson, Quality Director
Colusa Regional Medical Center

"CIHQ is the best consulting company for continuous survey readiness. I have used this company many years and they are always there for us for mock surveys, helping us respond to any regulatory plans of corrections, and answering our questions so timely. Thank you for being there for us!"
Velena Emery, Director Organizational Performance
Glendale Adventist Medical Center

"CIHQ is supportive & provide expert knowledge to our organization in preparation for continuous accreditation readiness. The resource tools provide concise checks for staff to prepare their dept."
Kristen Stevens RN, Manager, Quality Management
Pomona Valley Hospital Med Center

"Very helpful and useful in keeping up with the latest (changes and updates in regulations) and greatest (best practices e.g. policies & tools)! Makes working in a crazy & ever-evolving industry less migraine-inducing."
Darlene Solis, Director, Performance Improvement & Clinical Informatics
Alhambra Hospital Inc.

"At anytime I can access the web based support services. The resource library is valuable for useful policy templates & tools. The gap analysis tools are great as well as the alerts that are sent to us. The audio conferences are useful, to the point and they are recorded. I listen to the recorded sessions for review of the topic. This is a great asset"
Vicki Silvias, RN Quality
Orange Coast Memorial Med Center

"All three branches of CIHQ are well worth considering. The survey process from CIHQ is great, just as detailed but less stressful, more collegial and helpful to ensure safety"
Hilary Falconer, Director IC/RM
San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital

"We really appreciate & enjoy all of the resources & assistance we've received since becoming members with CIHQ. It's been a tremendous asset!"
Nicolette Pacheco, QI/Risk Manager
College Hospital Costa Mesa

"CIHQ-ARS was a "life-saver" for us. The CIHQ-ARS team not only brought an intimate working knowledge of the Medicare and Joint Commission standards; they personally invested themselves in guiding and teaching our leadership staff. Their primary agenda was not only to support our hospital in passing a survey; they were also committed to making us a better hospital."
Dewey Green, Chief Operating Officer
TrustPoint Hospital

"CIHQ-ARS has provided invaluable expertise to our hospital. We've had the benefits of having the very best consultations and access to a gold mine of resources through their membership website."
Lisa Taylor - Chief Nursing Officer
Mountain View Hospital

"CIHQ-ARS provides the most up to date regulatory changes. This organization is so ambitious and willing to help. It's hard to believe that they can do the amount and quality of work that they do."
Elaine Hoagland - Director Quality / Risk
Mountain View Hospital

"CIHQ-ARS provides easily accessible resources, tools & research based information. Whenever we have a question we get an immediate response within 24 hours. Mock surveys are comprehensive & helpful."
Lynn Masterson - V.P. Quality & Resource Management
Maureen Reiley - RN Quality Manager
Cera Salamone Stanford - RN, Out Patient Quality Manager
Janet Mirabella - Director of Quality, Patient Safety Officer
Eisenhower Medical Center

"CIHQ-ARS' knowledge and impressive customer service make them a joy to work with. What a great resource!"
Betsy Wells - Accreditation Manger
Ginger Barclay - Administrative Assistant
Torrance Memorial Medical Center

"Love the benefit of all the tools and information so easily accessible"
Jenifer Bird - Regulatory Coordinator
Woodland Healthcare

"The CIHQ-ARS mock survey prep was right on the money! The Joint Commission surveyors asked for so many CMS requirements that CIHQ-ARS focused on during our mock surveys”
Susan Moreland, PhD, RN, HACP - Director, Accreditation & Regulatory Affairs
St. Joseph Health System

"A benefit of being a member of CIHQ-ARS is the ability to access their website. This has helped us many times to clarify and / or define regulations."
RN Supervisor
Bay Area Hospital

"The largest benefit of being a CIHQ-ARS member is we get regulatory alerts and tools immediate to change."
Julie Riddick - RN
Emanuel Medical Center

"We have the greatest privilege of partnering with CIHQ-ARS in the implementation of "Quality" driven care. We succeed because we have this partnership of great worth."
Toni Thompson
RN Clinical Data / Analyst
Emanuel Medical Center

"I have found CIHQ-ARS to be an incredible resource. The amount and quality of the information on the website is unbelievable. CIHQ-ARS is worth while to join from a cost and quality perspective."
Corrine Jarvis - Director, Quality / Risk Management
Western Medical Center Santa Anaheim

"CIHQ-ARS is passionate and devoted to our success as a medical center and individuals with respect to Joint Commission and patient safety. They are top notch educators and quality professionals."
Terry Kane - Survey Readiness RN
Queen of the Valley Medical Center

"Benefits are superb! The reference library contains a plethora of regulatory & quality information. Thanks for all you do!"
Debbie Phillips - Director, Regulatory Compliance Patient Safety Officer | Clinical Decision Support
Wayne Memorial Hospital

"CIHQ-ARS is such a calming and supportive presence to our staff, always focusing on what's best for the patient."
Julata Brook - QM Alignment Nurse
United Regional

"CIHQ-ARS has been invaluable to our organization this year in our accreditation challenges. The website resources are valuable and at our fingertips for every-day use."
Becky Cameron - Quality Specialist & Risk Management
Covenant Hospital Plainview